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Before we even get started, there is one very important aspect of choosing a home inspector.  One thing you need to do whether you choose me for your inspector or someone else, Always make sure they are licensed, certified by the state and insured. State license # IOS.0000236-RES My Business License Buying a home is usually the biggest investment you will ever make. Although the home buying process is a very exciting one, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your investment from any unknown defects that could derail your dreams. By detecting any problems up front, you can move forward with your home purchase with peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken the needed steps to protect your investment and your family. Hi, my name is Craig Stivale. I am the owner and the Inspector for Las Vegas based Alpha Home Inspections. I have done thousands of inspections and was raised in the building business the hard way, starting as a laborer and ending helping my father build houses. When asked about some of the problems I have found in homes over the years, I have seen it all. I’ve seen mold covered rafters in attics, cracked foundations, exposed electrical wiring, dangerously wired breaker boxes, and worse, even in new homes. It is cost effective way to protect your investment; most home inspections cost between $270-$400, and include a detailed report of all the findings and free digital pictures sent by email the evening of the inspection. Please scroll down below the last picture under home findings and click comments to check out my references and comments.  Thank you. ?

Sample Report

Sample Report .pdf

Inspection findings

 Nice place to put a light switch in a water zone and ruined a good piece of Granite to boot! 8/19/2012



Look at this, unbelievable! Some one cut in an attic access in the garage. Number one, they compromised the fire rating of the garage. Number two, they cut all the truss members!!!


Something looked very funny about this tile roof on an older house. Upon further review I decided to pick up some of the roof tiles only to find that some brain surgeon decided to add a tile roof over three layers of the old asphalt roof. The truss system for this home was engineered to hold the weight of asphalt shingles. Imagine the weight of three layers of shingles and then the cement roof tiles!clip_image002.jpgclip_image003.jpg

This house in Lamp Light Village is three years old.  Have a look at this truss.


Kitec plumbing is a huge issue in Clark County.  You need to find out if the house you are buying contains Kitec plumbing. I’ve noticed a lot of inspector’s have never actually seen Kitec plumbing.  Sometimes you have to look below the attic insulation to find the actual plumbing lines.



Two-double stabbed 20-amp breakers noted. Double lugging/stabbing is where there are two wires feeding one breaker. Each breaker should have one wire.


Did not start the water heater. Missing water heater venting system noted.


Update: On the water heater above.  Improper repairs have been made during the inspection.  The handy man arrived and did not install the proper ventilation for the water heater.  Open flue joints and missing draft diverter noted.  Repair needed by a licensed plumber.


The water heater discharge pipe is missing on the temperature pressure relief valve.  Suggest installing the required 3/4-inch discharge pipe on the temperature pressure relief valve to within 1 foot of the floor or to exterior of the building to ensure safety.


Did someone forget to insulate this attic?


Just look at these truss repairs! This is unbelievable.



The evaporator cooler drain pipe is disconnected causing the bedroom ceiling stains.


This was left next to the attic furnace, nice!



Brand new attic framing.



Leaky HVAC ducts.


This furnace flue pipe is right against the plywood sheathing.


Mold anyone?



Nice wiring job!


This broken truss was found in a brand new house.


Attic Stains


Cracked slab that has transferred through the structure.


Cracked Slab.


Look at this live – exposed wire for the pool light!


Could you imagine paying the electrical bills while heating and cooling an attic?



Lets have a look at some electrical issues.

Nice double stab-this is not code at all and a fire hazard!



Why would you snake wire like this through an attic – HVAC duct?


Nice Structure, look close.




Look at this plumbing genius.



Can you believe I inspected this house!




Kitec Plumbing


Improper roof trusses.


Broken trusses anyone, and this was a brand new house.


Improper water heater venting below.


It was a pleasure to do an inspection with State Senator Elizabeth Halseth. What a nice person.


This inspection was completed for channel 13 news reporter Ashlee DiMartino.






My Father owned his own construction company. Back in the late 60s my brother Duane and I would work construction during school break learning the trade at an early age.

Below, I had an inspection next to the Lied animal shelter and stopped in after the inspection and adopted Gia


This is our newest addition Bella who we adopted last year.


?? a-004.jpg

I found this cat (Jones) on a roof, the neighbor said he was up there for a week so I brought him home and hes been a great cat. Gia & Jones have become best friends and they play together every day.


Below: Buyer I had the pleasure of doing an inspection for Mindy Gao.? ?Mindy is a news reporter for the Chinese Daily News. picture1a-061.jpg

The car that was owned by Stivale builders.052_stivale_craig.jpg